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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dog Pictures: Smooth Haired Standard Fox Terrier Dog In A Top Hat!

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Dog Pictures: Smooth Haired Standard Fox Terrier Dog In A Top Hat!
Now I've gotta tell you right up front, I can't guarantee that I'm right on the breed this time. I mean, it's obviously a small breed dog, and sure looks like a terrier to me. When I went searching images online, Smooth Haired Standard Fox Terrier is what I came up with. Should it be miniature also? Or is this the standard size for this handsome little puppy dog? The white color with brown patches seems to match.

Either way, for being small breed, he sure looks like he can hold his own. As if the top hat weren't jaunty enough, closer inspection reveals he is wearing a BOW TIE as well! I love it! If you're curious to learn more about this small dog breed, both the Dog Breed Info Center and Wikipedia have excellent entries on the Smooth Haired Standard Fox Terrier.


  1. What's even more amusing is that it's as if he knows how to pose like a gentleman. That dog is a sir indeed!

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