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Saturday, February 20, 2016

We Love Dog Pics: Large Breed Yellow Labrador Retriever With Corgi In A Cart

We Love Dog Pics: Large Breed Yellow Labrador Retriever With Corgi Buddy In Cart
I love all dogs. I cannot deny that. But I have to say, I've got a little extra love for these big breed dogs, like this powerful looking Yellow Labrador Retriever. He looks just a little older, but I'm still not going to challenge him to a throw-down. He looks like he could take down a VW Bus! Speaking of buses... how about his little Corgi pal behind him. I love it. Can you say "Corgi-In-A-Cart"? Too fun. I hit the jackpot of dog peeps that day.

Thanks for coming today, now go hug your dog!

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